swim with the dolphins

Swim With the Dolphins in Panama City Beach!

Take a tour of Shell Island and swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat.

Dolphin tours are always best when taken in small groups (up to six people) instead of the larger 150 passenger tour boats. These smaller boat tours can be more personal, and the boats won’t scare off all the dolphins! Afterall, the larger the group, the more less likely the dolphins will want to come out and play.

Go in the water before the dolphins arrive so that they’ll come to you, and won’t swim away in fear. Your boat captain will instruct you on the best means of interacting with the dolphins, such as swimming parallel with the dolphins rather than swimming toward them or reaching out for them. It’s best not to touch them, but to just admire from a short distance.

Panama City Beach tourism officials ask that you do not attempt to feed the dolphins. It is important that they thrive within their own habitat, and not depend on human interaction.

Dolphin tours can be a lots of fun and will provide a lifetime of memories. Just don’t forget to bring the camera!

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