5 Easy Ways to Make Your Spring Break Cheaper

Each year, thousands of College and High School Students enjoy a well-earned week away from exams, deadlines and stress. It\’s a tradition known all over the World as Spring Break.

Among all the Spring Break destinations worldwide, Panama City Beach, Florida is known as being the \”Spring Break Capital of the World.\”

Thanks to hundreds of attractions, restaurants, clubs and bars, and places to stay, Panama City Beach is perfectly suited to this time of the year.

So How Can You Save Money When Booking Your Spring Break?

  1. Stay Within the US

 First of all, by visiting Panama City Beach, Florida, instead of flying out of the country to destinations like Cancun, Jamaica, or Puerto Vallarta etc.

 Before you have even booked your hotel, shelled out for your flights, bought your travel insurance, and paid for your taxis to/from the airport… Your passport itself is an extra expense.

 Plus it\’s just a lot more effort and hassle planning an out-of-the-country trip.

  1. Stay Somewhere With Stuff to Do

You probably want to stay somewhere with DJ\’s, Pool Parties, Beach Games & Contests, multiple pools, waterslides etc. anyway… (like this place).

You aren\’t on Spring Break to catch up on your reading.

But think about this; the cost of parking and gas when you drive up and down the beach all day because the place you\’re staying has nothing going on, all adds up.

Besides, all that valuable Spring Break time is now lost forever… What a waste.

  1. Stay Somewhere With Kitchens / Places to Eat There

This works the same as point #2.

The time, and money you save on your Spring Break by staying somewhere with either food on-site, or the means to prepare your own meals is valuable.

It makes good sense. Places like the Sandpiper Beacon have on-site restaurants, large suites / beach houses / condos with private kitchens, as well as grills on the beach.

This gives you more time to actually enjoy Spring Break, AND keeps more money in your pocket. Win-win.

  1. Book Early! 

This is the easiest, and most significant way to save.

The earlier you book your Spring Break Condo / Hotel / Resort, the lower the price will be.

The later you leave it to book, there will be less availability, meaning you will pay more AND have less choice available.

  1. Share the Cost of a Larger Place With a Group

If you can find somewhere with Beach Houses / Condos, or large suites that sleep groups of 10 people, make sure you check them out.

The initial cost may sound more expensive than that hotel room that sleeps two, but once you split the price 10 ways, it\’s often cheaper to stay somewhere bigger!

Think of it like buying in bulk, it\’s always cheaper that way!

Looking for a Great Place to Start? 

Try looking at www.springbreakfunplace.com to see why the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort checks all these boxes, as well as renting condos in Panama City Beach to Under 25\’s!

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