6 Festive Reasons to Spend Christmas in Panama City Beach

Try something exciting and different this holiday season, and spend a joyous Christmas in Panama City Beach, FL.

Sure, there is something nostalgic about a freezing cold, snowy Christmas. They bring you back to your childhood, and thanks to the magic of the season, the weather can actually feel tolerable.

But why not treat yourself and your family to an amazing gift, and share a new experience together?

Let the magical sugar-white sand of our beaches replace the snow, and the only time your feet need to get wet is if you dip your toes in the emerald-green Gulf of Mexico waters…

Here\’s our Top 5 Reasons to spend your next Christmas in Panama City Beach, FL

6. Get Away From the Cold Weather

The only thing you should be unwrapping at Christmas is gifts. Not 3 layers of clothes every time you step inside!

If you are used to colder climates, then the idea of sunny stroll along a Florida beach in December might not even be something you have thought about before.

Guess what?

You can leave the chattering teeth and wooly hats behind, and swap them out for flip flops and tan lines instead!


5. Avoid the Typical Holiday Stress

You might be the one person on the planet who enjoys the hustle and bustle of department stores, where people are all competing to get that years must-have gift.

Maybe it seems fun to run your credit card so much that you\’re convinced you can actually smell the plastic melting.

Or, you might look forward to doing all the food prep / cooking / feeding / and then cleaning up after everybody has eaten.

If that describes you, then you probably won\’t enjoy a calm, relaxing Christmas at the beach where everybody else does all the work for you while you lay back in a hammock, or sit in the hot tub with an adult beverage…


4. Best Value of the Entire Year

Beach destinations are the busiest (and most expensive) during the Summer.

Schools are out, the kids want a vacation, and the weather is hot-hot-hot!

But you can save the most money by visiting during the quieter times of the year (like Christmas!)

Hotels and Restaurants compete with each other more during this time, and you\’ll always find cheaper rooms, and even get free nights as incentives to stay a little longer.

You can literally save hundreds of dollars on the exact same hotel / condo, and length of stay than if you had stayed in July.


3. Start the New Year off Fresh

Picture yourself laying on the beach, soaking up the sun with a cocktail in your hand.

The loudest sounds you can hear are seagulls, and the waves lapping up against the beach.

Take an afternoon nap, you don\’t have anywhere to be or anything to do all day.

This is the kind of relaxation that everybody deserves at the end of the year, and it\’s a huge contrast to all the energy and effort required by a traditional Christmas.

So treat yourself to the gift of pampering, recharging your batteries, and getting your mind and body ready for the challenges of the new year ahead.


2. Change is Exciting

Predictability might feel safe and comfortable, but change brings a spark of excitement!

Everybody is already excited and in good spirits because of the season, but see just how much extra excitement and mystery is added by taking a vacation to the beach. It really takes things up a few notches!

It\’s also a good idea to stay somewhere that specifically caters to families, like the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort.

They offer planned, themed Christmas activities during the holiday season.

That way you can truly relax, knowing that your entertainment (and the kid\’s entertainment) is all taken care of for you.


1. It\’s Still Christmas!

You know what makes Christmas Christmas?

Being around your loved ones. That\’s it.

It\’s not shopping for hours while listening to Christmas music being pumped out.

It\’s not the twinkling of the fairy lights, the cups of hot cocoa, or the chestnuts roasting by the open fire…

So long as you get to spend the season with the ones you love, then it will still \”feel\” just like Christmas, no matter where you are.

So don\’t be worried that it won\’t feel like Christmas unless you do the same thing you have been doing year after year. It just isn\’t the case.

TIP: You can even still watch all your favorite Christmas movies, the only difference is you\’ll be wearing flip flops and drinking tropical drinks! 🙂


So kick Jack Frost in his Jingle-Bells, and spend an enchanted Christmas with the family in Panama City Beach, FL this year.

You\’ll be so glad you did, that it might just become a new family tradition!

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