Why Pay More to Get There?

You\’re going to the same place.. Why pay more to get there?

Vacation travelers have been spending their well earned weeks off on the Emerald Coast for decades. Unfortunately this past year a lot of the large listing sites that vacation goers have been using to book their properties made a lot of changes, none of which benefitting the travelers.

Large listing sites such as VRBO, HomeAway, and Airbnb are now charging guests “Service Fees” to book their vacation properties. The fees are anywhere from 8-12% of your total booking cost. This means your vacation that used to cost you $2,500 is now costing you $2,800.

The properties are the same, this extra fee is not benefitting travelers, it is simply just greed from these large listing sites. They believe that taking a percentage of all bookings will make them more money, and have therefore pawned the costs off on Guests and Owners.

When booking your next vacation to Panama City Beach, make sure you book it directly with the owner. Booking direct with the owner allows you to avoid these large site percentage fees and assures you the best price for your vacation. Emerald Coast By Owner is a traditional listing site that puts you in direct contact with property owners and does not charge you any Service Fees.

Emerald Coast By Owner now offers hundreds of properties along the Gulf Coast and will never charge you a Service Fee. Book your next vacation direct with the owner on www.emeraldcoastbyowner.com


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