The Five Best Burgers in Panama City Beach, FL

Fresh Gulf Coast Seafood is easily one of the highlights on the menus of Panama City Beach Restaurants.

There\’s also lots of places with some seriously succulent burgers on the menu.

This isn\’t intended as a comprehensive list of *all* the burgers you can try on the beach. But it\’s well worth a look if you have any carnivores in your group. After all, we\’d never \”steer\” you in the wrong direction šŸ˜‰

Next time you visit Panama City Beach, be sure to put a couple of these places on your \”must-try\” list.


Where: Coconuts \"Burger
What: The Kahuna Burger!

Starting off our list is a tropical and juicy burger from what has to be one of the most laid-back restaurants in Panama City Beach, Coconuts.

If they were any more laid back, they\’d be asleep – but that doesn\’t mean slow service!

They are incredibly friendly, casual, and the restaurant itself is just steps away from the beach.

The Kahuna Burger is a seriously meaty 1/2 pound of certified Angus Beef , so it will be sure to satisfy! The Kahuna comes loaded with all the typical trimmings and toppings you\’d expect plus a side of crispy, fresh cut fries. Try substituting the fries for beer-battered onion rings. This is hard to beat.


Where: Eat My Pasty \"Burger
What: The Bison Burger!

As the only British restaurant in Panama City Beach, Eat My Pasty does serve an authentic Fish & Chips that would be a shame to miss… However, we\’re here to talk about beef, and boy do they know beef!

There\’s a total of 8 different burgers on the menu. You can win a free T-Shirt, and pay nothing if you successfully take on the \”Jack the Ripper\” challenge burger, which is made with Ghost Chili Peppers. Plus their other burgers are temptingly named the Prince, the Donald, and The Drunken Leprechaun…

We\’re focussing on the Bison Burger though. The hand-shaped patty of the Bison is made from Farm-raised game. It comes served on pretzel bun with a horseradish and garlic mayo, arugula, sliced tomato & breaded mushrooms.

While we don\’t generally like people taking photos of their food before eating it, when this bad boy is sitting front of you, you will be reaching for your camera…


Where: Margaritaville \"Burger
What: The TabaƱero Taco Burger!

The third burger on our list is no slouch, and is sure to please dad…

Pier Park\’s Margaritaville is home to a burger that comes topped with both Jack and cheddar cheese, TabaƱero taco sauce, deep fried jalapeƱo chips and sour cream. The patty is served resting on a bed of freshly shredded lettuce and pico de gallo on a warm toasted bun.

If we were a burger, we\’re pretty sure that we\’d want to be treated like this too šŸ™‚

Served with french fries and your choice of beer. Plus, if you chose to sit outside on the deck, you get to enjoy a stunning view of the Gulf and listen to live music (seasonal).


Where: Harpoon Harry\’s \"Burger
What: Monster Bacon Cheeseburger

Harpoon Harry\’s is a true Panama City Beach landmark, as well as being a favorite with locals and vacationers alike.

There\’s nothing fancy about the Monster Bacon Cheeseburger. It\’s an all-American classic, no-nonsense, stars and stripes kinda burger… Its the kind of burger that makes you want to go skydiving while chugging a case of mountain dew and getting a bald eagle tattooed on your chest.

It\’s a succulent half-pound certified Angus burger, served with three giant strips of applewood smoked bacon and three different types of cheese on Texas toast. Harry\’s claim that it\’s the biggest burger on the beach. One thing is for sure, you\’ll need both hands to pick it up!

It\’s a classic. And it\’s perfect just the way it is. A lot like a vacation in Panama City Beach, FL…


Where: Wayback Burgers \"Burger
What: The Cheeeesy!

Believe us, we\’re just as surprised as you are to find ourselves including a franchise chain on this list of the best burgers Panama City Beach has to offer! Let that be a sign of just how good this burger really is!

Also, that\’s not a typo. There\’s so much cheese in the Cheeeesy, that it needs all 4 e\’s to do it justice!

The awesomeness starts off with the grilled Buttered Bun. They flip the bun, generously butter it and warm it on the hot plate (just like you\’d cook a grilled cheese sandwich.)

Then, two quarter pound patties are freshly cooked up, and to give the \”Cheeeesy\” it\’s name (and to make sure the beef doesn\’t get lonely) it\’s accompanied by 4 slices of perfectly melted Yellow American Cheese.

Enjoy it \”their way\” with the toppings they load it up with, or build it your way (for no extra cost). You can add Onions, Pickles, Lettuce, Tomato, JalapeƱos, Mushrooms, Relish, Grilled Onions, Mayo, Wayback Gold sauce, Buffalo Bleu sauce, Chipotle Mayo, Honey Mustard, and Tangy BBQ Slaw!

Our tip: order it \”fully loaded\” and watch the fear in their eyes šŸ˜€


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