The Benefits of Planning Your Spring Travel Early

In part one of this article, we discussed the importance of planning your Spring Break getaway and what the best practices are to save money.

As mentioned, whether you’re a college student or a family with children, Spring Break is a chance to escape to warmer climes for a week of relaxing, or partying, in the sun and on the beach!

It’s never too early to plan and book your vacation travel plans. In fact, booking early comes with a whole host of benefits.

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The earlier you book your trip, the longer you have to pay for it, and spreading out the cost over time is much less painful. Hotels will usually just take a deposit or a hold on a credit card, giving you time before the trip to save up the balance.

There are similar options for booking and paying for flights. Some airlines allow you to book a flight, pay a deposit, and then pay for the rest of the flight cost in installments. The further in advance you book, the longer you have to pay it all off and the smaller the payments are. It’s a win-win!

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As soon as the trip is booked, the vacation preparations can begin so you can get both physically and financially prepared for the trip – whether that involves hitting the gym to get that beach body in tip-top shape, writing packing lists and shopping for essentials, or squirreling away some extra cash to spend on beers at the beach bar.

Traveling in itself can be a stressful affair and to ensure you make the most of the time you have away, you have to do some amount of preparation. By completing your Spring Break plans early, you give yourself more time for this, increasing your chances for a stress-free, and ultimately more enjoyable vacation.

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