Send Us Your Best PCB Sunset Pic to Win!

Not that much motivation would be needed to get your camera out and take pictures of a Panama City Beach Sunset (after all, they are pretty spectacular), we’ve decided to create a contest for the best sunset photo!

Here’s how it works:

Take a photo of a Panama City Beach sunset (must legitimately be a photo that you yourself took, and not something from Google! Trust us, we’ll know!).

Share your photo to our Facebook wall. Only one photo per person/Facebook account will be permitted, so make sure it’s the best photo you have! 🙂

If your photo gets shared by us and posted to our own timeline, AND posted to our Instagram account, it qualifies as a potential winner! There can be up to 5 photos qualifying per week!

The Winning photo will be used as our Facebook Cover Photo, and will be displayed November 2nd. If you see your photo displayed as our cover photo, you are our winner!

What is the winning prize?

The winner will receive a $50 coupon at one of Panama City Beach’s local favorite restaurants. Don’t worry, you will be able to use it for your next visit if you’ve already left town.

So start sharing those amazing sunset photos to our Facebook page, which can be found here, and look for it to show up on our timeline and Instagram feed!

Good luck!

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