Panama City Beach Tourism Strategy is Working

Tourism is at the very core of Panama City Beach, and once again great news has been revealed about this amazing beach community.

Upon receiving the November tourism numbers, Panama City Beach is once again in record-breaking fashion, up more than 30 percent over one year ago. Overall fall numbers were up 20 percent. There’s an 86 percent increase from five years ago when the city started focusing on special events.

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The strategy is working. Making improvements to the area’s tourism events such as September’s Gulf Coast Jam, the Seabreeze Jazz Festival, Bike Week, and various Snowbird activities have made their mark on local tourism. There’s no question that tourism is booming in Panama City Beach and people aren’t just coming for the summer months. They’re coming in the Fall and Winter months too, and they’re staying longer, and most importantly, they’re coming back.

With the winter snowbirds now arriving, Panama City Beach has a variety of winter resident activities which allow the retirees the chance to get out and really experience this place, including the restaurants, nightlife, and shopping.

Panama City Beach officials say they are working on improving Frank Brown Park and are in the process of developing a new sports park on the beach. They are also looking at building a new special events center on the beach to attract more families.

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