Panama City Beach is a Paradise for International Travellers

It appears that statistics are showing that the number of international visitors to Panama City Beach is steadily growing in numbers. One reason why this may be happening is that tourism officials have admitted that they’ve put more of a concerted effort to go after international visitors because they stay longer and spend more money than domestic visitors.

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At a time when Americans are taking limited time off for vacations, the international traveler actually places a very high value on their four-to-six-week vacations and spends 1.5 times more on their trip.

Particular appeal seems to be coming from European travellers (Germany and England especially, where the Panama City Beach Tourist Development Council has an aggressive marketing campaign running).

The fact that Panama City Beach is a relatively new Florida experience, as opposed to Orlando, Miami, Tampa and surrounding area, it makes our beach somewhat undiscovered, which is what people love to speak about.

People seem to be amazed by the 27 miles of beautiful beaches. And what they do is they go home and they write really nice stuff about this place. And the word has spread quickly.

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