Panama City Beach Condo Alternatives

So you\’re excited about your family vacation to Panama City Beach, Florida.

You\’re ready to have your toes in the famous sugar white sandy beaches, and swim in the warm, crystal clear Gulf of Mexico.

All you need now is a place to stay – and typically, people jump to \”Condos\” in their mind.

But, is that REALLY what you\’re looking for?

What\’s so great about Condos?

You\’ll want to chose somewhere great to stay – since it\’s your \”home-away-from-home\” when you\’re on vacation.

Chances are, you\’ll want a good amount of space, so you\’re not constantly cramped together and on top of one another the whole time.

Secondly, you\’ll probably be looking for somewhere with a kitchen, a dining area, and ideally, some great views of the beach.

Are we on the same page so far?

Sounds like a Condo to me…

There seems to be a popular misconception, that the only way you can check all these boxes, is by renting a private condo.

For the most part, Condos in Panama City Beach do check all those boxes. It\’s easy to see why people assume that staying in a condo is the ONLY way you can get all those things.

There are some common downsides with Condos though;

  • No room service;
  • No 24-7 maintenance if something breaks/leaks/floods;
  • No 24/7 staff for additional towels / general questions about the area etc;
  • Hidden fees and upgrade charges.

That\’s not so say you can\’t stay in a great condo, and have an awesome vacation – if you arrive, knowing about these limitations, you can plan accordingly, and minimize any problems.

But lets say there\’s a way you can have your cake and eat it too… As in, you can still get ALL the advantages of staying in a condo, with NONE of the typical limitations.

Are you ready for this bombshell?

Some Hotels and Resorts in Panama City Beach are actually better equipped than Condos.

Let\’s say you could still enjoy the larger units, with separate kitchen/living areas and sleeping areas for privacy.

You can still get incredible beachfront views, and a full-sized kitchen to prepare meals in your room.

Not to mention, 24-7 staff including security, housekeeping, and maintenance ready, just in case the unexpected happens.

Now throw in a few things that no Condos in Panama City Beach even offers; multiple swimming pools, waterslides, lazy river ride, mini golf, family activities, a tropical tiki bar, beach side playground, 2 restaurants, and an ice cream shop.

Sounds good, right?

Hotel-Resorts like the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort offers a huge variety of customizable rooms and suites, condo rentals, private townhouses, and beach houses which all come with access to amenities, and staff around the clock.

It\’s a great way to get all the benefits of staying in a condo, plus some extra that many condos just aren\’t equipped to offer.

It\’s worth asking yourself, do all of these benefits sound like a good alternative to a Panama City Beach Condo?

Find out more by visiting the Sandpiper Beacon\’s website. Take a look at their selection of Rooms & Suites (they have Condos too!)

Plus check out how many things there are to do for families right there at the hotel!


Wherever you stay, enjoy your vacation to the World\’s Most Beautiful Beaches!

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