Golfing in Panama City Beach is Popular Among Travelers

Among many other fun and great activities to do while vacationing in Panama City Beach, golfing is still a mainstay pastime according to beach travelers.

Best known for its sugar white sand and emerald green coast line, there is no shortage of world-class golf courses to enjoy as well.

Ask most people what they intend on doing while they’re in Florida and quite often you’ll get the same response: going to the beach, and playing some golf! And quite frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Vacationers will discover that many of the best golf course architects have designed courses in the area, and they’re all located within a quick 45 minutes of Panama City Beach.

If going that far out is, well, too far, there are about 15 courses in the Panama City Beach and immediate area. Often times, the city is packed with traveling golf enthusiasts who have brought their clubs with full intention of playing a round or two while on their holiday.

Panama City Beach’s reasonable winter month weather makes golf a year-round activity, and that can be quite appealing if you’re vacationing in, say, December or January. And for that reason (and many more), the Panama City Beach area is becoming more and more popular, making advance reservations highly recommended.

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