Go Deep at Panama City Beach and book a Scuba Diving Charter!

The ocean fun at Panama City Beach doesn\’t stop at the sand – the emerald waters of the Gulf surrounding Panama City Beach provide the perfect home for a wide variety of marine life, such as sea turtles, Goliath Grouper, and bottlenose dolphin and a whole lot more! Turn your Panama City Beach vacation into an amazing diving adventure.

Depending on your experience and budget, you can book either an inshore or offshore diving charter on an ultra comfortable, brand new 30’ 2014 Sea Hunt Game Fish Center Console to some of the best diving in the Gulf of Mexico. Both make for a fantastic day of underwater exploration!

Inshore Diving

Enjoy some of the best scuba diving on the gulf coast on this all day diving charter. Panama City Beach has 5 popular wreck dives (including a minesweeper, hovercraft and supply boats) and 9 large artificial reefs to explore. Both types of dive sites provide excellent training opportunities for novice divers, but are still complex enough to entertain more experienced divers. These shallower sites rest in about 75 feet of water, with the tops of the structures extending all the way up to 45 feet. Dive up to 3 different bridge spans and wrecks at the best spots and close in to the coast for your convenience. Book your Inshore Diving Charter today.

Offshore Diving

Further offshore there are 10 additional wreck sites (including the Accokeek), seven larger artificial reefs, and hundreds of limestone reefs. Since these sites are a little deeper they are for Advanced Divers only – the bottom is 100-110 feet deep. This Excursion puts you on the spots that are in 80\’ to 100\’ of water. There are 25 spots to choose from, ranging from bridge spans to wrecks. Book your Inshore Diving Charter today.

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