Five Reasons Why Coming Back to Our Beach this Spring is a Great Idea!

It’s that time again. In just a few short weeks ahead, Panama City Beach will welcome students and families in great numbers, officially kicking off the spring season.  So in an effort to convince you that you’re making the right choice when thinking about coming here (again), we want to point out five reasons why you should be looking forward to Spring Breaking with us this coming March!

  1. The Beach

When it comes to Spring Break, it’s generally all about the beach. Tropical beach weather beats snow, ice, and freezing wind all day long. Panama City Beach has been rated as having one of the very best beaches in the world, giving it the nickname “The World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”. We tend to agree!

  1. The Best Hotels and Condos

Panama City Beach has come a long way in the past ten years or so, offering up some of the best, most affordable beach front accommodations. Whether it’s the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort, the Seahaven Beach Hotel, or Shores of Panama, you’re in great hands when it comes to picking a place you know you can not only afford, but also be extremely excited about.

  1. The Nightlife and Restaurant Scene

These are not your average clubs or restaurants. There’s a reason why Panama City Beach has a reputation for having some of the open air best beach clubs around, not to mention, restaurants with amazing food! Check out Harpoon Harry’s and sit on their massive beach deck overlooking the gorgeous coastline.

  1. Attractions

Some of Florida’s best beach attractions are right here! Whether it’s swimming with the dolphins, parasailing, under-water diving, or taking a catamaran cruise, you’ll have plenty of choices for fun!

  1. The Memories

Need we really say any more? The memories you’ll have of this place will last a lifetime. We guarantee it.

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