Fall Season Tourism Kicks off in Panama City Beach

The summer season long gone now and the fall months typically show a decline in visitors for beachgoers. It\’s to be expected. However, the slowdown is by no means a reflection of how the summer months went. In fact, visitor numbers were record-breaking.

Officials said tourism numbers are up over 51 percent this year, and the numbers continue to soar to-date.

Jayna Leach with Visit Panama City Beach said marketing strategies during the off-season will be an important focus to keep visitors drawn to the area this time of year.

“We feel great about the past year,” Leach said. “We do know travel patterns are changing as students are in session and many of the workers are returning to the office, so with that, we have addressed that in our marketing campaign just to really entice those to come to Panama City Beach.”

Leach said that there are marketing plans for upcoming celebrations, including Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, to help bring more visitors into the area during the holiday season.

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