Essential Packing List for your Panama City Beach Trip

Visiting Panama City Beach, Florida always means lots of sun, sand and fun. Be prepared for whatever activities you choose by packing everything that is essential. While it is important to pack items you would normally bring on vacation, such as any sunscreen and swimsuits, certain other supplies will help keep you comfortable and make your stay in Panama City Beach more memorable and stress-free.


Don\’t let the Florida heat get to you – make sure to pack light, breathable clothing. Pack one swimsuit for lounging at the pool and another for participating in water sports. Casual clothing, such as shorts, tank tops, capris and T-shirts are the way to go for most restaurants and tourist activities, but also pack one \”nice\” outfit for going out. Clothing that you\’ll want to avoid are jeans, pants, any clothing that needs to be dry cleaned, and any materials like leather or silk that can be ruined by salt water. For getting about, you should have a pair each of flip-flops, casual walking shoes and two pairs of socks. If you\’re planning a boat trip, a pair of non-skid boat shoes can be very handy. And finally, a pair of sunglasses and a hat is important for protecting your and face and head.

Personal Care

Sunscreen is essential anytime you go out in the sun, so you should pack a new bottle before you leave. For treating sunburn, you should pack aloe or cooling cream. Pack shampoo, shower gel and facial cleansers, as well as extra facial moisturizer. Pack a beach towel and an extra washcloth. Don\’t forget to bring a small first aid kit for minor injuries, such as scrapes while surfing, and any prescription medications.


A digital camera is important for capturing memories from your Panama City Beach trip. Don\’t forget to pack extra batteries and its USB cord, along with your laptop and its case, and a dry bag for protecting your electronics from the salt and moisture. Don\’t forget your cell phone and charger. Also pack your hairdryer and curling iron, unless your hotel provides these. And finally, don\’t forget to pack valid form of identification that shows your birthdate, your ATM or credit card, and some small cash for parking and tipping.

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