Come Visit the New Oyster House at Harpoon Harry\’s!

Harpoon Harry’s has just opened up a new oyster house within its massive location on Front Beach Road, and they now serve fresh raw oysters from Apalachicola at market value for a dozen raw.

For those not familiar with Apalachicola oysters, they have a reputation of being the best – that’s why they make up 90 percent of Florida’s oyster harvest and 10 percent of the nation’s supply.

Please See Harpoon Harry’s Summer Menu, Right Here!

This is no reflection on the quality of oysters from the Atlantic Coast or Chesapeake Bay, which are excellent in their own right, but there is something special about the oysters that thrive in the beautiful and pristine waters of Apalachicola Bay — thirty miles of shallow oyster paradise on the Florida panhandle.

Apalachicola is the last place in the United States where wild oysters are still harvested by tongs from small boats. Once one of the busiest commercial arteries in the Old South, the Apalachicola River carries nutrient-laden silt down to the bay, creating an ideal environment for the thriving oyster beds.

In three years, an Apalachicola Bay oyster will grow to a length of around three inches. The prized oysters are noted for their fine, clean taste, consistency and general perfection. The New York Times reported in 2002 that Apalachicola Bay oysters were \”among the finest in the world, if not the finest.\” The article reported that the best known chefs in the country prized the oysters above all others.

Whether you’re at Harpoon Harry’s or any of the well-known oyster hot spots in Panama City Beach, rest-assured, your oysters are fresh, delicious, and more than likely come from Apalachicola.


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