Beach House Rentals Offer More

It may feel like a daunting and overwhelming task to find the perfect Beach House Rental in Panama City Beach.

Somewhere that checks all the right boxes for your family or group, and doesn\’t require you to take out a personal loan.

With an impressive 27 mile stretch of white sandy beaches, it may seem like there\’s an endless selection of rentals and beach houses to choose from.

Don\’t worry. Once you know how to effectively narrow down your search, finding that ideal beach house rental for your family vacation can be easy.

Plus, approaching it this way will mean you don\’t have to worry about eliminating places that might be amazing, without having noticed them.

Step 1. Set Your Beach House Budget.

Your maximum budget will definitely be the most restrictive factor in determining where you stay.

Yes, you will find \”nicer\” or newer, or bigger places for more money. As with anything, you can always spend more… But you want to have some \”play money\” to enjoy attractions, and family meals out. So you don\’t need to be spending your entire vacation budget on your Beach House.

Once you have an upper-limit, you just immediately ruled out hundreds of places that you don\’t need to waste your time looking at.

Now we\’re getting closer…

Step 2. How Big is Your Group?

Beach House Rentals and vacation rentals inherently offer more space, and bedrooms than staying in Resorts or Hotels.

That\’s one of the main reasons people give for staying in a beach house, other than the extra privacy, and \”feel of a home\” that they offer.

So you can expect them to sleep anywhere from 8 to as any as 20 people.

And that\’s where step 2 comes in… If you only have 12 people for example, then you really don\’t need a Beach House that sleeps 20. Plus you can immediately rule out any that sleep fewer.


Now the number of potential Beach House rentals you\’re looking at is MUCH smaller than when you started. It\’s beginning to look more manageable. But we can still get even better….


Step 3. How Important Are Extra Amenities?

Some families simply want a Beach House as a \”home base\”. It\’s a place to start the day together, maybe enjoy a meal or two, and get some rest.

If this sounds like you, then the Beach House is really just going to be more like a Hotel. With the focus of your stay being the destination itself. You won\’t spend much time here, and the majority of your day will be spent on adventures away from the house. In that case, extra amenities likely won\’t be important.

However, many families who rent Beach Houses in Panama City Beach, do so with the intention of spending most of their vacation at the house itself, only venturing out occasionally.

A true beach house will be directly on the beach, allowing you to walk outside and directly onto the sand. It\’s also a fair expectation to have a deck where you can soak up the sunset with a drink in your hand.

If you\’re willing to look a little harder, you can even find some Beach House Rentals that come with some pretty cool extra amenities. These extras can make your stay more fun and relaxing, and offer more value.

Multiple, indoor and outdoor seasonally heated pools. A beachside hot tub, indoor lazy river ride, and waterslides. How about planned family entertainment and contests? Would your group enjoy having mini golf, shuffleboard and table tennis? What about pool tables, a beachside children\’s playground, and a Tiki Bar all steps away?


The Perfect Beach House?

The Beach House Rentals at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort, located on the preferred West end of Panama City Beach check all those boxes. Sleeping up to 20 people, there are 4 different Beach House configurations to choose from, depending on the size of your group. From 10, to 16, all the way up to 20.

Your beach house is separate from the Resort itself, meaning you still get all the privacy and exclusivity of renting a Beach House. But you are also steps away from enjoying all the amenities the Resort has to offer, on days you want to take advantage of them.

No other Beach House in Panama City Beach comes with so many added extras included in the price of your stay!

We say that with complete confidence, and no hyperbole whatsoever.

So if you are looking for a great value beach house rental with lots of added FUN, take a look right here:

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