8 Great Reasons You Should Try Panama City Beach\’s Famous Tiki Punch

There\’s only one place in Panama City Beach you can try an authentic Tiki Punch.

At the World Famous Panama City Beach Tiki Bar.

The Tiki Bar is located at the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort. It\’s actually one of the many on-site amenities included for guests. But don\’t worry, because it\’s also open to the public, too.

The Tiki Bar serves as the central entertainment hub for the Resort. It\’s where you can take part in scavenger hunts, family beachside crafts, or watch the Polynesian Fire Dancing Show!

During special events like Thunder Beach, and Spring Break, the Tiki Bar\’s main stage transforms to match the energy and excitement of guests.

If every destination there\’s a single must-try experience before you can honestly save you have visited somewhere, this is Panama City Beach\’s.

You wouldn\’t visit Chicago without downing a hot dog, or a wedge of deep dish pizza. You wouldn\’t leave Philly without tearing up a cheesesteak sandwich…

Now here are 8 reasons you shouldn\’t leave Panama City Beach, Florida without tasting the Tiki Punch.


1. It\’s Been Described as \”Tasting Panama City Beach in a Glass\”

If it\’s possible to distill the essence of a place into a drink form, then this is Panama City Beach.

It\’s like tasting the sunshine, clear blue skies and summer breeze. It\’s a taste of the palm trees, sparkling turquoise Gulf of Mexico waters, and sugar white sand.

If good times on the beach and magical family memories have a taste, then this is it. For bonus points, enjoy it while laying in a hammock, gently swaying in time with the waves washing up on the shore.


2. There\’s a Non-Alcoholic Version Available Too

Any good thing is made even better when you can share it with friends and loved ones, and see the expressions on their faces!

So it\’s nice to know that the kiddos can get their own non-alcoholic versions of Tiki Punch too, so nobody feels left out!


3. It\’s Available on the Preferred West-End of Panama City Beach

Being on the more peaceful end of the beach, where the newest developments are all taking place is no bad thing.

That puts you right between Pier Park\’s giant outdoor shopping mall, and the beautiful neighborhoods or Seaside and scenic Highway 30A.

So once you\’ve enjoyed your Tiki Punch, you\’re well placed to go out and have some more fun nearby!


4. You Can Grab a Bite to Eat Nearby

The Sandpiper Beacon is also home to two great places to grab a bite to eat.

Like the Tiki Bar, they are additional amenities intended to make guests\’ stays more comfortable, but are also open to the public.

Coconuts Restaurant serves up what can only be described as some of the best breakfast dishes on the beach. It\’s casual and laid back, and reasonably priced.

The Surfside Grill has more casual bites to eat on the menu, such as sandwiches, wraps, and burgers. Dine with your toes in the sand, and stunning panoramic views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico!


5. You Can Grab an Ice Cream Nearby

Just like the Tiki Bar, and restaurants… The Sandpiper Beacon also has on on-site Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Parlor on-site that\’s open to the public.

Tasty Waves is easily one of the best ways to cool off and beat the heat. Plus it makes the perfect sweet note to end on, after trying the Tiki Punch!


6. It\’s the Perfect Opportunity to Tour The Sandpiper Beacon

The Sandpiper Beach is so proud of it\’s reputation of being a fun place to stay, and offering unbeatable value for money, that it regularly gives guests staying elsewhere tours.

Take 10 minutes to get a guided tour of the property, amenities and see the different rooms and suites.

It\’s a great way to understand if you\’re getting a good deal where you\’re currently staying. Plus, it gives you a perfect opportunity to get a feel for the friendly customer service.

Don\’t be too surprised if the kids start to ask why your Hotel doesn\’t have mini golf, waterslides, a lazy river ride, and fun games and contests though 😉

7. Everything Tastes Better With Your Toes in the Sand

We\’re not completely sure if there\’s any science to actually back this up.

Full disclosure: we\’ve also not tested by eating anything gross with our toes in the sand.

But if you find yourself sat on Panama City Beach, whatever you\’re eating is probably pretty darn good and you\’re probably having a pretty great time!


8. It\’s the Only Way to Get Your Hands on the Famous Pineapple Souvenir Cup

The Tiki Punch comes served in the the iconic Tiki Bar Souvenir Pineapple Cup.

There\’s no other way to get this free cup (even if you are a guest of the Resort). You can\’t buy the cup individually, and they are kept very securely behind the Bar.

It\’s one of the most recognizable trinkets of any successful Panama City Beach vacation!

Your precious memories might the best things you will take home with you from your Panama City Beach vacation… But this souvenir cup will be a close second! 😀

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